Content Moderation.

By combining artificial intelligence and human judgement we are able to create a safe, compliant and responsible online experience for your content providers and users.


Mastercard Requirement.

All uploaded content must be reviewed prior to publication to ensure that the content is not illegal and does not otherwise violate the Standards.

We are verifymycontent

A global network of content moderation experts, artificial intelligence and machine learning that reviews and moderates all user-generated content prior to publication.

Two Heads Are Better Than One.

The combination of AI and human content moderation increases both the efficiency and efficacy of the content moderation workflow, resulting in faster and more accurate moderation decisions.


AI Moderation.

Our AI moderation tool reviews all content before publication and flags any potential violation of standards.


Human Moderation.

Our human moderation network reviews all flagged content and if the violation is confirmed, the content is immediately flagged for removal by the merchant.

Quality Control & Content Review.

Human moderators review a sample set of all content not flagged by AI for manual review to continually check and maintain the accuracy and quality of the AI content moderation.

Versatile Content Moderation.

Our content moderation solution works over a vast range of media types, ensuring maximum compliance and user safety whatever the platform.

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Content Moderation

How it works.

Our content moderation process has been designed from the ground up to incorporate both AI and human judgement to maximise the effectiveness, speed and accuracy of content moderation.


Feature focus

Human Judgement.

Artificial intelligence content moderation reduces the workload for human moderators. It cuts their exposure to harmful content while improving the AI decision algorithms resulting in an increasingly efficient, safe and scalable content moderation workflow.


Content Moderation Dashboard.

Our moderation team reviews all content requiring human moderation via our purpose-built content moderation dashboard, designed to deliver maximum efficiency and accuracy throughout the moderation process.

Content Moderation Dashboard example

Potential issues within the content are tagged by artificial intelligence along with timestamps to assist the moderation team in making quick and accurate decisions.


Content uploader and participant verifications are displayed to assist in any moderation decisions relating to age and consent.

Platform health, safety and integrity.

Platform Health

Maintain platform health via a robust, multi-pronged content moderation tech stack ensuring published content has been diligently screened for violations.

User Safety

Fostering a safe experience for all users with a participant consent and verification process, combined with content moderation quality control & complaint resolution.

Platform Integrity

By manually reviewing a sample set of all content, we can ensure the correct moderation decisions are being made, and the health of your content is maintained.

The VerifyMyContent Solution.

Explore the wide range of safeguarding and compliance features that work together to protect your business and its users.

Get in Touch.

Any questions? Let's chat. Our dedicated team are always on-hand to discuss identity and content verification.


We are ISO 27001 Certified

KYC AVC UK Ltd has been certified by A-LIGN to ISO 27001 under certificate number ISMS-KY-11920.


PAS 1296:2018

KYC AVC UK Ltd is certified under PAS 1296:2018 - the code of practice for online age verification.


Proud member of UKIE

Trade association for the UK's games and interactive entertainment industry.


High-end cryptography

All data is encrypted at rest and in-transit using a combination of 256-bit encryption and hashing algorithms.


KJM approved

Age verification system approved by the German regulator for the protection of minors on online media.


Proud member of the IWF

Working to stop child sexual abuse online.

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